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Carpets are the single most expensive investment in most homes. It’s important to have them professionally cleaned on a periodic basis. The worlds largest carpet manufacture, Shaw Industries,  along with fiber producers DuPont and 3M Corporation, recommend having your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months, using the Hot Water Extraction method.
This method, used correctly by properly trained personnel, will loosen the soils present in carpet fibers and remove them, leaving the carpets free of dirt and residues. That’s what you’ll get when you call JEM-CLEAN, Inc. The #1 method used by our properly trained personnel. That’s our pledge to you.


Quick Tips

  • The most important part of keeping your carpets in good condition is vacuuming on a regular basis. Vacuum the heavy traffic areas more frequently. Second is periodic professional cleaning. Dirt and sand act like sanding paper under heavy foot traffic, grinding and scratching the carpet fibers each time they are stepped on. Regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning removes these and other damaging particles from your carpets.
  • Most carpets can be safely spot cleaned. The main thing is to not panic.  JEM-CLEAN, Inc. provides our clients with free professional spot cleaner to help keep carpets clean between professional cleanings.
  • Pets offer an exceptional challenge to homeowners and carpet cleaners. As hard as we try to train our pets, there are still going to be accidents and problems. Pet urine is extremely difficult to remove from absorbent and porous materials like carpet, padding, wood floors and upholstery materials. Urine contains acids, salts, proteins and other chemicals that can be harmful to humans and cause permanent damage to carpet.  Fresh urine deposits are acidic and need to be absorbed, diluted and neutralized. Use warm water on fresh urine deposits to dilute and then absorb as much as possible. Don’t use home remedies such as vinegar or club soda on fresh urine stain. These and store bought cleaners can actually create chemical reactions that can result in Permanent discoloration and damage. Older Urine deposits  require the attention of a professional trained in the proper  methods of stain and odor removal procedures. JEM-CLEAN, Inc. has been professionally trained and certified in urine contamination and odor removal procedures. Unfortunately, the presence of urine in carpet and wool rugs can result in permanent color damage to synthetic carpets and fiber damage to wool and natural materials.


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Our Pledge

We Pledge:
• To use the Best Methods in the Industry.
• To use the Highest Quality Materials and Equipment.
• To offer Exceptional Customer Service.
• To Educate our Clients about the Carpet Cleaning Industry, and
• To hold ourselves accountable through Nationally Recognized, Education, Testing and Certification.

5 Reasons to Choose Jem Clean

 five reasons to choose jem clean

  1. Reputation
  2. Experience
  3. Education
  4. Systems
  5. Guarantee

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